Eva Clesis: an eclectic italian writer and her books

My name is Eva Clesis, I'm an italian author who has published eight books in the last fourteen years with several publishing houses, and who is considered one of the most eclectic writers in the italian panorama. 

Unfortunately my novels aren't available in english ('cause, you know, life sucks), but if you work for a publishing house that is interested in translating italian authors or if you are a professional translator or a literary agent, here there is a list of my main novels, with a summary of their plots in a few words. 

Surely you can ask yourself: why anyone should be interested in reading a pretty unknown italian writer?
There's is no answer for this question.

But magic can happen, I guess, and not only shit. 

If you like my books and want to discover more, please let me know and I'll send you a copy in italian. You can send me an email to the following address: [email protected] 

Some of my books, even if published in italian, are now unavailable in the print form and available just in ebook, and I've had the literary rights back for those. For the other ones I can get you in touch with my italian publishers. 



My novels aren't just my plots. Reading the plots, you can imagine they're thriller books or dramatic books or comic books or whatsoever. 
They're not. The stories are settled in an unique way. 

Guardrail (available in two editions): liberally inspired to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Guardrail is the story of a sixteen years old orphan named Alice, who, after her parents tragic death, is assigned to a severe grandma in a little southern italian village. But the strong and fierce Alice has a plan. She wants to escape from the village and reach England somehow. The only way to do this is hitch-hiking as a start. But the driver she finally finds has another plan for Alice. Guess what? 

What people wrote about Guardrail:
" Eva Clesis imagines easily, sews and embroiders cynicism with anger, leaving out the pity"

Till night do us part: the original title is "Finché notte non ci separi". The young Dante decides to kidnap the beloved daughter of an important gastroenterologist who, according to Dante's suspects, fatally killed his father during a surgery procedure. The novel is divided into three parts, according to the voices of the main characters: the doctor searching for his daugher whose traces seem lost; Dante's abduction, and the reasons why he wants a revenge; the story of Dante's fiancée, involved with a friend in a insane and dangerous night party. 

What people wrote about Till night do us apart:

"A night that will seem never to cease between research, daring escapes and syncopated expectations"

Holy Words: the original title is "Parole sante".

A priest is assigned to a little southern italian village.
He doesn't have good intentions. Actually, he tries to persuade an old woman to leave her ancient house to the Church, with the promise to gain the Paradise through her noble charity. But her son opposes the donation: plus, he has fallen in love with their new ukrainian cleaning lady. For gaining the property, the priest has no other way to tell the old woman that the beautiful ukrainian is the Devil conspiring against her, and that the only way to gain the Paradise and win her son's opposition is to kill the foreigner woman with an exorcism. 

What people wrote about Holy Words:
"in Eva Clesis books something similar happens to an invention of witchcraft, of a shamanism but of popular type, not esoteric, aristocratic"

The Extraordinary: The original title is Lo Straordinario.

Lea has broken up with the man of her life, hasn't a job anymore and she also can't live longer with him, so she has to move. She has no money but she wants to stay in Milan, the town where she lived the last happy years and felt in love with her boyfriend. Searching for a new apartment, she finds a house in "The Extraordinary", an apartment building whose owners are sweet old people. The place is full of flowers, colorful and really cheap, organized as a Seventies collective community.
Since the moment Lea moves into her new house, the old owners and their strange tenants are full of attentions and kindness towards her. But kindness in The Extraordinary has a price, and Lea will discover that Paradise can be like a cage.
Seriously, guys.  

What people wrote about The Extraordinary:
"The Extraordinary mixes so many elements: from the beginning almost "chick lit", to the crescendo of tension as in thrillers, to hints of dystopia, everything is linked with a disenchanted irony on the world that makes it brilliant and to devour in reading"

Amor: Amor is my latest novel.

It's the story of Lucia, a woman whose life has been ruined by a car crash and a divorce. Lucia is a writer and works as translator in Rome, but during the last year she choosed to live in an exclusive loneliness. Until she doesn't receive a phone call, by a man who has made the wrong number and actually is looking for a woman he felt in love with years ago. Fatally, Lucia has her same voice. So she has the incautious idea to play the role of that woman, just to break her loneliness. 
As one student asked me, does it start as a white lie?
Yes, but if you can play someone else, you can't play with someone's feelings.
Especially if that someone is calling you to secretly confess a murder. 

*the picture is my portrait made by the italian artist Stefania Morgante.



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